15 - ASMORA - final15 min Quick-Play Video

60 min Long-Play Video w/ Commentary

Asmora Nomar was definitely a challenge. She had a very heavy duty past and a lot of stuff going on internally, so I tried to keep things as close to the objective description from Alexander as I could.

The biggest problem out-right was her Victorian era dress. She’s still an inhabitant of Faerun, the Dungeons and Dragons setting, so I needed her to still look like she could fit in. Alexander described her large shoulder puffs and high collar and I think with those he perfectly summed up the iconic look of the era’s fashion. With those two points, plus the long dress, tight body and lace, the 2 can blend quite well.

She’s been taken over by something that could be described by a¬†Faerunian equivalent of a Lovecraftian monster, and with that notion I wanted to make her dress look like it was made of some horrible, living material, growing out of or attached to her in some uncomfortable way. Everything else was just as close to Alexander’s description as I could get