RnD Fantasy

RnD Fantasy (short for Research and Design) is a personal project in which I’m committing to provide professional-quality concept art of people’s traditional role-playing characters completely free of charge. I also hope to use the opportunity to teach people a bit about the concept art process while doing what I can to demystify it and make it more accessible.

Once per week I hold a lottery on Twitter @RNDFANTASY to find out who’s character gets chosen. I’ll announce what hashtag to use to enter that week and it’s open to everyone, midnight-to-midnight, Mondays, Mountain Time.

Each winner will be contacted by me privately with an email address to send the information about their character to. Once I’ve heard from them I’ll start developing their character while recording the whole process. Once finished I’ll upload a sped up 15-20 minute version for light watching, as well as a 60 minute long version that will contain my commentary about the process, development, research, ideas and theory that went into bringing their character to life. The winner will be the sole recipient of the full-resolution version of the image which they can then use in any way they choose!

Social media links can be found below. I hope you come  join in!