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When we started the character design project at the school I teach at I made a random character generator for the students to find out what they were going to draw. To make things fair I decided to join in and they came up with a chaotic evil, female minotaur warrior. I’ve never drawn that before! I’ll admit I panicked a little bit.

So to start, since I wanted to get the cowishness right and since I’ve not really drawn cows very much I knew I needed to start off with an attempt to get a better grasp on cow anatomy. So I filled a few sketchbook pages drawing the heads and skulls of different cows.

Once I got an okay grasp on it I started trying to figure out how to proportion it’s anatomy and especially how to combine the human and bovid structures. The aspects of the cow I wanted to include were the narrower-but-deeper rib cage, shoulders toward the chest, and the wide, protruding pelvis (amplified in this particular case because she’s female), as well as the cantilever vertebrae for holding the head up. Also a light dusting of arm flab.

As for armour and weaponry I figured horns would be prominent and emphasized in minotaur cultures, so she has augmented iron horn blades, given significance with a vaguely religious icon. Horn-like knuckle spikes on the hands and Hinduism-inspired cow snout decorations.

Some kind of a nose ring is sort of a requirement with depicting a minotaur, but rather than just have the standard ring, I brought it back up towards the forehead as a form of light armour. Snouts are super sensitive and her head is already really heavy, so I just put a little bit of metal on her nose to stop slashing attacks from doing too much damage.

Pushing the cow theme her weapon is a pitchfork, based on medieval designs with a pike-like bracer to strengthen the tines.

Her utter has tattoos on it. Since she’s chaotic evil I thought a good thing to include would be evil looking symbols carved into her udder, but the scars didn’t read very clearly so I made them tattoos instead.

I don’t have a video for this one because I did this about a month before I had the idea for RnD Fantasy. Anyway, I found it on my computer so I thought I’d upload it anyway!

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Evil Minotaur